Wonderful Erotic Vacation Of The Dominican Republic

When traveling to the Dominican Republic for an erotic vacation, people know they will be met with certain characteristics of the culture that appear strange to their own sense of ‘normal’. It is all a part of the traveling experience. What is weird to an outsider is normal to a native of the country, such as escort vacations. It’s not good, or bad, just different.

Black pudding (sausage made from animal blood) may be a popular part of an English breakfast for some people, but to others it probably seems inedible. Oddities and weirdness in another culture is decided purely on perspective, not judgment. Our western perspective views the Burmese tradition of neck rings as mutilation, yet for the Kayan women of Burma it is a mark of great beauty. It is all in the perspective.

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, in the Caribbean Sea; known for erotic vacations. Therefore, both nations’ cultures are subtly intertwined. For example, when you fly into Santo Domingo or Punta Cana, don’t be surprised if everyone breaks out in joyous clapping when the plane lands. It is a decades old tradition closely linked to the superstitious beliefs of the Haitians. It is their way of thanking God for allowing the passengers’ safe travel.

When Dominican children misbehave and it comes time for a lecture or discipline, parents always have the child kneel in front of them. No one is left out it would seem, as even adult children are expected to kneel for their harangue. On that same note, Dominican women – particularly the elderly – can conjure up such a ferocious gaze, no one would dare cross her. One disapproving look of even the most feeble and sickly of grandmothers, can make a family member feel deep apprehension. Naturally, if deserved by the recipient, of course!

Take note: Chewing gum is called chicklets in the Dominican Republic, while all carbonated drinks are known as colas. Also, it is customary for Dominicans to dress in their “Sunday Best” to go to work each day. When Sunday comes around and everyone goes to their local church, Dominicans dress in clothing appropriate for a wedding. People dress up for weddings in a pomp manner, reminiscent of a Queen’s visit for tea. It is the Dominican way!

If you are looking for escorts or an erotic vacation in the DR, you need to go to places like Sosua where it is more commonly accepted. Not all areas of the Dominican are favorable with escorts. You have to talk to the locals and find what you are looking for.

Many people in the Dominican Republic are Catholic, so if you see someone making the sign of the cross at a cemetery or church, it should come as no surprise – it is the Dominican way! Among the range of Dominican customs, there is one that is strange to fathom initially. Instead of pointing at things or people with their fingers, Dominicans point with their lips. The lips, not the nose or chin. Also, when Dominicans laugh heartily (which they do a lot), they always clap their hands. Spend a week or two among the lovely Dominican people, and you will find yourself doing the same thing!