My Squidoo Earnings Record

Making Money on Squidoo

I first started on Squidoo with the idea of promoting my mother’s book and also calling attention to a lake lot I wanted to sell. My first lenses accomplished those goals, but I didn’t stop there. Creating the lenses appealed to my sense of creativity. I was looking for a new outlet after the eHow website developed publishing issues. Squidoo seemed just the right thing for me to create online content.

At first I didn’t realize the earning potential for Squidoo, as there’s a two-month lag in paying earnings. In browsing around the site, I found some lensmasters discussing the money-making potential of their lenses. It opened my eyes to the possibility of having fun and making money at the same time. Lovely idea!

Squidoo isn’t a get-rich-quick site and there is real work involved in creating quality lenses. The good news is that the site is free and has a very supportive atmosphere with lensmasters willing to help others succeed. Over time, lenses can earn significant money for the lensmaster once you learn how to monetize, how to apply keywords and how to create a lens that attracts an audience.

Here are my payouts from Squidoo, so new arrivals can see the progression. This is just one sample, as others earn more if they create high-interest lenses and some earn less if they are less proficient in their lens creation. I’ve included a place to post your own earnings if you want to share that information. New lensmasters find it inspiring to see the possibilities of creating and earning on Squidoo.

(photo: my baby picture… you have to start by taking baby steps on Squidoo)

Graphic from Zazzle: Growth by joxxxxjo
My Paydays on Squidoo – 1st Year – Note that for months and months, I earned very little

Sept. 2008 – Made my 1st lens and went away, forgetting about Squidoo.
August 2009 – Returned and made 2 lenses.

September 2009 – Made 5 lenses.

October 2009 – Published 9 more lenses on Squidoo. (on the 10/08/09 payday for the month of August earned nothing. Squidoo has a 2 month lag for paying out the earnings.)

November 2009 – Added 25 more lenses. (Earned nine cents on the 11/05/09 payday)

December 2009 – Made 34 more lenses. (Earned ninty-four cents on the 12/15/09 payday. This is from the October work.)
January 2010 – Made 27 new lenses. (Squidoo said I earned $3.73 for the November work, but still haven’t reached the minimum $10 payout that I’d set)

February 2010 – Made 23 new lenses (In mid-February, Squidoo told me I earned $4.23 for the December work.)

March 2010 – Made 28 new lenses (On the March payday I earned $8.95 for the January work.)

April 2010 – Made 12 new lenses (On the April payday I earned $9.57 for the February work.)

May 2010 – Made 7 new lenses (May payday, I earned $31.56 from 61 lenses. The rest of my lenses did not earn anything this month. This was the royalties for the month of March.)

June 2010 – Made 20 new lenses (On the June payday I earned $50.29. Remember the 2 month lag in paying, so this was for earnings from April)

July 2010 – Made 29 new lenses (For the July payday I earned $42.22. This is for earnings in May.)
YOUR ROYALTIES (06/01/2010 to 06/30/2010)

Your new lens earnings this period = $58.90

Zero lenses in tier 1, 7 lenses in tier 2, and a huge number in tier 3 or lower.

(I’m really looking forward to next month’s payday, as I’ve had a number of associate sales on various lenses)
YOUR SQUIDOO ROYALTIES (07/01/2010 to 07/31/2010)

Your new lens earnings from this period = $139.50

96 lenses earned something during the month, but $85 came from my three lenses that stayed in tier one.

Add in the $99 from the Summer Sunshine award, my earnings came to $238.50 this month from Squidoo.